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The Kangxi Imperial Restaurant is located at the heart of Harborne High Street , Our menu reflects the journey that Chinese food has taken to the United Kingdom, from traditional Crispy Beijing Duck or delicious Dumplings to modern Chinese dishes unique to us such our freshly marinated/cooked crispy shredded Chicken, We are pleased to provide the best service in Home delivery and the finest service in our restaurant. 

The history

​The Kangxi Empire was the fourth Emperor of the Qing dynasty. (1654 -1722)He was the longest regional emperor in Chinese history. He came to the throne at the age of eight and became king at the age of fourteen. He reigned for 61 years and he is the longest reigning emperor in Chinese history.

He was the defender of China's unified multi-ethnic state, laying the foundation for the prosperity of the Qing Dynasty and the grand picture of the weathy Kangxi-Qianlong period.


With our carefully selected cuisine and the best qulity of services we hope to make you feel like the empire.

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